Distance learning for personal development


In addition to improved opportunities for advancement, a correspondence course for personal development can also be very helpful.

Distance learning is becoming increasingly popular: over the past decade, the number of participants in distance learning programs has more than doubled. Among employers, acceptance and support for distance learning of their employees is also increasing significantly.

On the positive effects that a distance learning on the career and the salary can have, we have already received in January (distance learning and career).

The results of a recent forsa study commissioned by the ILS Institute for Learning Systems GmbH also highlight the personal benefits for the graduates. For example, graduates are often happier (60 percent), more self-confident (56 percent), and receive more recognition from peers and supervisors (52 percent). Personal development is an important motive for the majority of students to start a distance learning program.

The special advantage of a correspondence course is that it can also be completed alongside the profession.

In contrast to attendance study, income does not have to be waived since the student can flexibly distribute his study time to the evening classes and weekends. However, this requires a high degree of self-discipline. The additional burden can also be associated with disadvantages, which we discussed more intensively last December (distance learning). Although distance learning is a time and social burden, most students find the study overall rewarding.

As a rule, a high degree of organizational effort is required for successful distance learning. At best, the candidate should schedule regular time to process study letters, prepare for exams and do written work, such as term papers and thesis.

In particular, scientific papers are often a particular challenge, because supervision in distance learning is often even less intensive than in classroom study. In this regard, distance learning students find comprehensive support during their studies particularly relevant.

Here, the perception of a coaching offer can be very helpful.

If you want to promote your career as well as your personal development and satisfaction through a distance learning program and are unsure which study is suitable for you or if you need assistance with the preparation of academic work, we will gladly advise you.

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