Ghostwriting in the study


Is the claim of a ghostwriter in the study represented? This question can not be answered unambiguously, because it depends on the specific situation.

Of course, it is not legally responsible to have scientific work done by a ghostwriter and to declare it as a separate service in order to submit it to a university.

This would constitute a violation of the examination regulations of the respective university and would entail corresponding sanctions.

Nonetheless, a ghostwriter can help in many areas of study without the student being against the law, laws, or morality: most ghostwriters have extensive experience in writing academic papers. For example, they often support university professors in publishing scientific articles and textbooks.

The ghostwriter knows exactly what the scientific work is all about and can offer valuable support to students. Since the care situation at many universities is insufficient, the student can often benefit from the advice of a ghostwriter. The ghostwriter knows how to approach a scientific question in a meaningful way and advises the student on the concretization of the topic. He can provide helpful tips and advice on building up the structure and literature research, and can provide helpful impulses and strategies in case of possible uncertainties and writer blockades.

If the student has already written a text, an experienced ghostwriter can assess this with regard to the exam requirements and identify opportunities for improvement.

In addition to the content and scientific requirements of the scientific ghostwriter also knows the formal requirements of universities and colleges and can help in their implementation.

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